We plan and evaluate the location where you intend to set up your outlet


We import good quality washing machine from Korea and Thailand


We equip industrial standard equipment self-service washing machines

Brand Story

First in Malaysia

Mr Dobi Xpress is the first in Malaysia to provide this "Coin" Laundry Service and also a pioneer in the laundry industry to introduce such service, making competitors incomparable with it.


MrDobi Xpress has utilized bright and bold colours in its logo and it is different from others in the industry. It allows consumers to quickly recognize its modern, clean and unique image.

Make Washing Clothes Convenient

MrDobi Xpress is equipped with washing machines imported from the Korea / Thailand which complete washing, bleaching and drying all within 60 minutes, allowing you to enjoy shopping while your clothes are being washed.

24 hour Self-Service Laundry

MrDobi Xpress requires both low capital and human resources. Fully-automatic coin operated washing machines can be used around the clock and bring you lucrative returns.

Business Location

It should be located in complexes where human traffic is centralized with consideration in the movement of residents. The outlet should also be located where temporary parking facilities are available. Good business partners should be able to plan and evaluate the location where you intend to set up your outlet and even to the point of refusing to sell you such facilities if the location of your outlet is unsuitable. If they only care about guaranteeing you that you will gain profits, then you should be careful of such business partners.

Equipment Performance

Coin washing machines come from all over the world and it is of utmost importance to take note of machines made in Taiwan and China (although they are cheaper). These machines are meant to make money and no one would wish to face breakdown of machines when they are just gaining returns and profits. Quality comes with price and it is best to choose machines from the Korea & Thailand which offer you trouble-free service for at least ten years. The coin washing machine market in the Korea & Thailand is the most mature and manufacturers are experienced.

Hydropower Construction

Hydropower constructions determine the lifespan of the machines, for the highest cost in the self-service laundry business is the investment in fixed assets. Therefore, the longer the machines are used, the higher will be your returns and profits. Self-service washing machines are industrial standard equipment and participating manufacturers who are truly professional will not tell you to save on this item or that the other material is cheaper, and finally use other sales gimmicks to gain profits. Conscientious participating manufacturers always request for operators to abide by the specifications.

Joining Process

1. Inquiry

Explanation and analysis on how to start business. Getting to know the concept before joining

2. System Introduction

Explanation of the marketing concept, participation system, sharing advantages of joining.

3. Appraisal by Participant

Bilateral understanding between the parties, arrangements for examination and fieldwork to appraise if one is suitable for the job.

4. Signing of Agreement

Ensure the interest and obligations of both parties. Each and every clause in the agreement shall be read and explained to you

5. Special Term

“Perpetual business” is the common goal. Appraisal shall be made within the limits of the outlet and the appraisal shall be fully explained to you

6. Planning & Education and Training of Personnel

A Know How process in educating and training personnel.

7. Commencement of Work & On-the-job Education and Training

Commencement of works

8. Equipment Installation & Test and Evaluation after Training

Installation of signboard and décor and testing of equipment

9. Test Sales

Implementation of sales activities at outlet (Planned by Headquarters.

10. Opening

Advertising to bring out the spirit of our brand name.

Store Maintenance

It is commonly heard that self-service laundries do not need care, money will roll in after everything is fixed. In fact, although self-service laundries are much easier to manage than most F & B or convenience stores and it can be a secondary income, you will still need to manage it carefully. It is necessary to ensure a clean environment daily and ensure that your facilities are in proper condition. For laundries whose business is good, it may be necessary for the operator to do public relations. Remember, you earn what you put in and it is only through hard work that returns can be obtained.

Joining Consult

Business venture hot-line :6019-332 4628 /6012-336 4628

Managed by:
13 , Jalan Kosas 1/3, Taman Kosas 68000 Ampang Selangor , Malaysia.

Tel : 019 - 3324 628 /012 - 336 4628


The selling strategy in RJL is the TRANSFER of our 25 years of expertise in the laundry business to all new comers to the laundry industry. We provide hand on training to all our customers. There is no time limit for the training. We shall train you or your workers until they know how to operate the machines purchased from MR DOBI. Our company possesses proven management expertise, with the senior management team averaging over 25 years of industry expertise. With the combined business management expertise of various regional operations, the company has a platform from which to continue new store openings and the acquisition of regional operations and individual store locations. Also In RJL, we have experienced sales team and they are complemented with proactive technicians trained by overseas manufacturers. Our Service Department is armed with a fleet of vans, lorry and latest servicing tools. The many years of management skill of our staff and our investment in the latest computer software has help to enhance our speed in providing quick solution to your problems. RJL is fortunate to have the support from reputable manufacturers from overseas, export houses from USA, and chemical supplier from Germany to guide us in the Aqua Wash Systems.





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